Energy efficient

Smart, innovative, energy efficient techniques ensure a 2-year battery life.

Alarm button & Buzzer

Every ioTracker is equipped with alarm button and a buzzer with LED to help you to recover your ioTracker


The ioTracker is water- and dustproof upto a depth of 1 meter, for a duration of 2 hours (IP68)

Location determination

The ioTracker is true “All-In-One” in- and outdoor localization device, that can track the location via LoRa, WiFi, BLE (for micro-localization) or GPS

Automated behaviour scenarios

Customer defined behaviour scenarios will automatically determine the localization method based on current surrounding conditions and precision needs

Additional Sensors

Our ioTrackers are additionally equipped with a motion, temperature and a lux sensor


You’re able to put a virtual fence around an area and receive notifications when your ioTracker is located in- or outside this area

In- and outputs

It`s easy to connect upto 5 external sensors or systems with the configurable in- and outputs

API integration

With our API integration you can easily integrate your system with the ioTracker

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New Standard for Track & Trace

  • all ioTracker components are selected carefully and merged into a revolutionary design
  • ioTrackers are the optimal collaboration between the hardware and software
    provide an amazing user experience, without worrying about charging
small footprint yet very powerful

Asset tracking

revolutionary tracker build-on & for modern IoT LPWAN networks
with nationwide coverage and a battery life of more than 2 years


  • locate your assets everywhere - indoor and outdoor localization in one device
  • G-shock & flip-over detection with automated notifications
  • ready for harsh environments & industry 4.0
  • major decrease in cost per sensor/ TCO cost per sensor

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The Best of Both Worlds

  • Bluetooth trackers: long lasting battery, but inaccurate and a small reach of just a few meters
  • Traditional GPS trackers: short lasting battery, but accurate and with nationwide coverage
  • ioTracker: long lasting battery, accurate and with nationwide coverage

Social Care & Soul Safety

Cutting-edge location and activity monitoring technologies with brilliant design
to protect lone workers, people in care and empower their caregivers


  • G-shock & fall detection with automated notifications
  • get analytics and insights into residents’ behaviour
  • user-friendly apps for any device. Compatible with mobile (Android / iOS), tablet and laptop / PC
  • SOS button & Buzzer - ensure lone worker safety with integrated SOS button